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Association of Presbyterian Tentmakers

The Community Services Building

of the

Yaphank Presbyterian Church


A Bit of History!


The historic Yaphank Presbyterian Church had its beginnings according to church and county records in the late 1700s. In 1817 the local Millville (Yaphank) schoolhouse on Sundays hosted a Sunday School mission of the Middle Island Presbyterian Church. After a number of years of worshipping in homes and in the schoolhouse, the present church building was constructed as a chapel in 1851. In 1871 the construction of the manse/rectory began and the Yaphank Presbyterian Church was officially recognized as an individual church by the Long Island Presbytery.

Over the years the church has been a center of community activities for the Greater Yaphank Community.   Organizations presently using the church facilities include various after school programs, scouting groups, Alcoholics Anonymous, the Yaphank Cemetery Association, The Yaphank Summer Day Camp, Little Angels’ Pre-School Nursery, LYTE (Longwood Youth Theatrical Experience), United Veterans of Suffolk County, The South Yaphank Civic Association, LYSA (Longwood Youth Sports Association) and the Food Closet of the Board of Deacons.

In order to meet the needs of these groups, as well as the youth and children’s programs of the church, the first stage of a Community Services Building was erected in 1997 with the help of both church and community volunteers. The second phase which includes toilet and kitchen facilities was added in 2003.  An additional half acre of land for the basketball courts and parking was purchased in 2007. A third phase to add an additional meeting room is now being launched.


The Present Needs!


Rainy days in the summer force 100 campers in-doors.  There is not sufficient space indoors for a quality program.  During the year community residents have not been able to get inside to hear speakers when more than 60 people show up.  Requests for an all day pre-school nursery and for after-school programs go unanswered because the present facilities do not meet New York State, Suffolk County and Town of Brookhaven codes for such programs.  Friday night youth programs of the church need space to meet in other than the Pre-School area which is inappropriate for such groups.  Therefore plans have been drawn up for a 34 by 30 foot addition to be constructed on the east side of the present building.  This will also allow for the construction of a small office in the existing building.


The Good News!


$76,000 of grant monies have been released from the Caithness Power Plant Community Funds by the Town of Brookhaven, to begin the construction of the extension.  Additional monies are being requested from this fund to complete the basic construction including air conditioning.


The Challenge!


Funds from the community and church members need to be raised to cover the costs of the just completed extension of the waste water system, the land purchase for recreation and parking, the rebuilding of the recreation field including a sprinkler system, sodding, drainage and lights, indoor moving partitions for multiple use of facilities, office area, additional tables, chairs and storage cabinets, landscaping of the building and surrounding area, concrete sidewalks and asphalt for additional parking, computers and office equipment.   In addition, due to the present economic climate the church is behind in paying various utility, maintenance and salary expenses. The total amount needed is $100,000.  With your financial support and the offer of volunteer labor we can do it.


How have we benefited from the past?


For the past two hundred years residents of central Long Island have given of their time and talent, so that today there are four and seven tenths acres of land, a church building, a community service building, recreational fields and playgrounds and a manse which serves as a part way house….all of which provide space and facilities for the many programs of today’s church.  To start from scratch a new congregation would have to raise over $2.0 million.  Without these facilities church members and the community wouldn’t be able to have day camp, scout groups, AA meetings, theatrical events, community services and meeting space, not to mention weekly church services and the Deacon’s Food Pantry.


What time is it?


Now is the time for each one of us to take up the historical torch of giving and meet the challenge for this and future generations.  Fill out a pledge card and send it to the church.  Pledges can be paid over a three year period and are non binding promises, not a promissory note.  Your support will be greatly appreciated by all in the community, young and old alike.  Now is the time to go the extra mile and support the work of the historic Yaphank Church beyond your regular church contributions made on a weekly, monthly or annual basis.


They are to do good, to be rich in good works, generous and ready to share, thus storing up for themselves, the treasure of a good foundation for the future, so that they may take hold of the life that really is life.

Timothy 6:18